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[Flint fire can start a prairie fire,Flint Digital]
      Kunlun mountains more than 12,000 years ago when Whitehead, Whitehead accumulation place, little vegetation, the only way to grow trees in stone, called flint wood. Sui wood has a characteristic, only Shugan, without skin, there are branches, no leaves. Looked like a dry tree, you put him in the branches as leaves of view, it can. The branches will fall each year, the second year of regeneration. But this time no one said, I see a wood, and I went up a diamond drill, will not see a fire, people do not have this intention.
     One day, in the Kunlun Mountains to a bird, later called her complete side, complete side this bird has a habit, it is particularly pointed mouth, like pecking the wood. Turn wood to make fire is actually pecking wood to make fire, when the complete side pecking wood, the tree actually born fire. After the fire, the fire looked Suiren one tribe, so that can catch fire. And so complete side was gone, they also try to get other flint wood drill, try to see if you can fire. Later, they used the inside mill way, the exhaustion approach think finally succeeded, turn wood to make fire.
      Of course, after this fire by rubbing sticks, it was limited to a wood, wood is the flint, use it to make fire. But after Sui wood to make fire, we say after this Suiren fire by rubbing sticks, because the advent of the catastrophe, with 9,000 years after they moved down from the Kunlun mountains, moved to Mountain time, the existence of this original Wood disappeared. Then log fires, but we are a very distant legend, people find ways to Zuanmuquhuo.
      Suiren family of people the greatest contribution is the first time we realize that can begin to create their own fire, the fire of inspiration and creation, comes from a complete side of a bird call, from the Sui wood.
      By-turn wood fire, and into log fires, was called wood-boring is because it is as hard as a diamond, and this wood is wood flint. And make fire there to create meaning. In today want technology products based on industry, product quality and research and innovation are two or but not the spirit. It is because of the combination of these two spiritual,
Our brand officially named:Flint digital FlintStone.