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2015 LED display applications depth analysis

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At present, LED display in the outdoor advertising, stage rental and other traditional applications industry has developed more mature, becoming more and more product homogeneity, lack of development potential. In order to open a new blue ocean market and broaden the scope of application of LED display, many enterprises in the micro-innovation, in order to comply with the new application areas. At the same time, technological advances from the industry chain and supporting vendors, such as smaller size of lamp beads, more powerful control system, but also to the LED display field can be applied before the market can not be applied. Here you take stock of what 2015 application trend LED display to see what has already broken or about to break out in the application market.


Still popular applications

Wine shop areas

From last year to this year, the hotel industry has a clear trend: more and more companies to open annual meeting, conference, thanked the meeting venue will wait set time will now ask the hotel venue if there is LED display, if any, will be priority Consider these venues;

 LED display because of the high costs of problems with a few general hotel venue, even if the high-star hotel with only 10% of the hotel, so if a customer meeting usually choose to use LED screen rental company temporarily installed. With the increasing use of LED display frequency, but also expect higher returns, if they can reduce the use of the threshold, there will be an increasing number of high-star hotel in the shop with the intention of fixed installation LED display.

In the LED display manufacturing companies here, there are already manufacturers to explore the promotion of leasing at the hotel. This mode is to enter the four-star and five-star hotels, which display products to give the hotel for free (for conferences and weddings and other scenes using non-traditional advertising screen) market quickly spread through the screen into fee (50 %) reflux cash costs, cash costs of about a year to recover. 

Once the hotel reaches a certain magnitude, when pre-advertising push will return and the hotel is divided into (a pattern similar to previous films patch cinema advertising), concurrently leasing and advertising operations. We can see the hotel rental business model of the Internet has profound thinking, through transfer payments and cross compensation, reducing user costs, the final form of the long tail effect get huge traffic.


Financial areas

With the gradual increase in financial assets of our society, the demand for financial services has been obtained from the interest and safety of savings to pay for development, settlement, foreign exchange trading, temporary overdraft, loan financing, investment management and wealth management, and comprehensive round, multi-level services. From the situation in developed countries, the commercial banks to a certain stage of development, financial services will rise as a major business areas. For customer-oriented financial services, provide timely and accurate financial information, LED display supplier good grasp of market opportunities, providing a LED digital display, LED dot matrix display, LED door couch display, LED advertising screen, LED screen network control and other products to meet the needs of the financial sector to foreign exchange rates, interest rate information, fund information and financial advertising and promotional display. Following is a brief introduction in which the LED full color display applications in the financial industry.

LED display there are other applications, such as Queue and electronic back-boxes in the financial sectorOther financial electronic products, commonly used in the display-related information, that the product provides a more personalized service functions. With the further development of the financial sector, related to LED display products also continues to introduce new being.



Entertainment cultural fields

 LED display applications in the entertainment and cultural industries was most of the stage, party and other background led the big screen, it can be broadcast live on-site and replay, breaking the seat restrictions, so far from the stage, the audience can clearly see on the stage performances, creating a magnificent, highly infectious atmosphere,
combined with high quality sound, giving a perfect visual feast. The main application areas have evening concert, event, theater theater, television, and other high-end entertainment.


Sports fields

I believe the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games main stadium led display gave us impress it, the role of stadiums led the big screen playing the game is a wonderful picture, slow motion playback, specific lens display, sports score information and athletes presentation, and broadcast commercials. Which has become the slow-motion playback referee make the right decision based on, let the audience feel the game fair, just and reduce unnecessary conflict. The main application areas have led fence screen football field, basketball hall funnel LED screen, LED swimming Athletics Hall timed scoring screen, as well as a variety of sports venues wall or column of LED display.

Traffic areas

In the busy streets or on both sides of the highway intersection, will be the establishment of a traffic guidance LED display, these displays are generally controlled by a unified control center, in conjunction with other traffic monitoring equipment, automatic display according to traffic flow or traffic congestion information, options for travelers Most do good route to reference.
Also has a display weather, traffic regulations, to remind drivers to drive safely, and has the effect of signpost. The main application areas have the city's main roads, road density lots, highways and other places.



Applications of the new outbreak

Special field of the field

Creative LED screen special places. Now basically every city has museums, science museums and other places, and with the high-tech products LED display are closely linked. Such as Science and Technology Museum globe, often using a spherical LED display, 

not only can dynamically display the Earth landforms, but also demonstrate the evolution of the Earth's history, not only can play the role of a good education, but also can play a decorative effect, is a perfect work of art. 

Currently Creative LED screen LED spherical screen museums, science museums and LED Cube LED spirochetes, Children's Palace Creative LED screen, LED SkyCity drum screens.


Theme Park areas

2015, Time Warner and DreamWorks announced that it will jointly invested 20 million yuan in Zhuhai to build an area of ​​10 square kilometers of the world's largest theme park. Thus, currently OCT system, long long lines and Hong Kong Disneyland theme park as a representative of South China market will undoubtedly usher in more intense competition.

Domestic large-scale theme park construction boom for the tourism industry into a huge financial flows, but also for the LED display industry dug a huge gold mine. As outdoor display areas of traditional strengths products, LED display with high brightness, low power consumption, no patchwork, long life, can be any shape, and other advantages, become exhibitions, theme parks display the darling of the device.

In recent years, driven by a small spacing technology, touch technology, 3D display technology, LED display not only sharper and more detailed images in outdoor areas, to achieve richer interaction capabilities.

In the application the halls, such as dispatching and also has good prospects, LED display is expected to become the preferred indoor theme pavilion large-screen display devices.



Mobile Applications


Military fields


Video conference areas


Mobile application market, refers to the LED display mounted on the moving support - transport, such as cars, boats and yachts. This installation and general use of the environment is very different from outdoor display, the display screen also made more additional requirements.

In recent years, a variety of sizes increasing outdoor real column, you need to set up a temporary outdoor shooting small stage as a television screen background. When the traditional static boards can not meet the needs of the program group content available to quickly set up and have excellent outdoor display mobile displays on provoked the beam. The Car LED display has a very high flexibility, enabling convenient long-distance transport, and can easily and quickly set up an outdoor stage background, which in recent years has been a lot of use in many outdoor real column.

On the other hand, China's tourism development has also led to the rise of related manufacturing, building such a large cruise ship is also accelerating, LED display as a symbol of a lot of high-end luxury cruise service. LED screen attached to the ship usually high protection designed to withstand outdoor, surface of harsh environments. 

And because the ship is normally in open water, the more the building is secured to better visibility. And the screen with the movement of the ship can reach more locations, the coverage of a wider dissemination of information, so in addition to use for a cruise ship entertainment shows, but also be used for commercial advertising purposes.


With the development of military information technology, information power has become a new growth point of military power, an effective command and control has become a key to defeating the enemy army. For this reason, at all levels of command authority have to follow the trend, in terms of information technology continue to increase efforts greatly contributed to the military command of information technology development. Future military construction will be increasingly combined with modern means of information. The large screen display technology innovations for information technology units injected fresh blood.

Advanced digital display technology, the display application unit seamless splicing technology, multi-screen image processing, signal switching technology, network technology and other technological means integrated as one, intuitive, real-time, comprehensive, quick to put various types of information, image data, strategic location map and site conditions truly amplify show flexibility to achieve military exercises, complex functions operational command, decision support, organized military training, video conferencing, real-time monitoring in one, greatly promoted the military information visualization, intelligent technology to improve the efficiency and modernization of the armed forces combat capability.
In the army in daily training and operational command, information visualization occupy a very important position. Vast amounts of information in real-time graphical representation of large screen display system for decision-making provides a strong support for the command to provide rapid and efficient communication and feedback. In recent years, small pitch LED display technology matures and gains and more and more used in military construction.


Modern corporate meeting room, especially for large enterprises large video conference rooms, undertaken not only meeting, staff training and other internal functions, but also shoulder the customer reception, business negotiations and other external communications functions, which directly affect the corporate image design Therefore, business investment will spare no effort, no doubt typical application results-oriented. This small pitch LED display applications to promote the formation of a highly unified supply and demand.

Thanks to technology maturity, in recent years, although the price of video conferencing continue to drop, however, for most businesses, is still a lot of money to invest, in the "good horse with a good saddle" design philosophy, corresponding conference room facilities naturally have "tall on", therefore, video conferencing systems favored by small pitch LED display terminal display, not only the practical applications of necessity,

 but also business by hardware facilities to enhance the image of the inevitable. It is this extreme of the pursuit, as a small pitch LED display provides an excellent opportunity to enter the meeting room.



 LED display industry in the last few years of development, merger integration between enterprises continue to persist, and exhibits intensified the situation, more and more clear division of labor among enterprises, large-scale effects are gradually emerging, LED display industry pattern has begun to emerge. In an increasingly competitive environment, LED display enterprises have to explore differences in management of the road, enhance research and development level, improve their core competitiveness, in order to guide the market demand for products, certain to fight for their market share. LED display products is never a lack of markets, lack of market opportunity is found in the eye. Future, LED display will be applied to more areas.