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22 military regulations foreign trade

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22 military regulations foreign trade

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Presumably many of my friends are very fond of Joseph Heller's novel "Catch" experienced by the protagonist You Salin captain, ironic piece of so-called "trap" like "Article 22" .

In fact, any job, any job, there are different rules, whether clear rules, or unspoken rules; rational, or irrational; can be exciting, can make a person crazy. But all in all, after all, institutional and instinctive thinking collision.

The boss said, you do $ 1 million, give you 50,000 yuan bonus, perhaps the clerk very hard; but when he did 1 million, the boss might say, lost a lot of orders, not to make money, money becomes 2 thousands of. What is the rule? This is a rule, is the "rules of the game set the boss." Say bluntly, is the boss is willing to give you money, you can make money; boss do not want to give you money, you work hard again, and then stick performance, is no good.

Here no intention to attack anything, just to colleagues and friends, to trade circles mind you, this industry, there are rules in this industry; this circle, there is this circle of play. I do not understand, try to understand; clear, to try to figure out; very often not the result you want, do not know how it is, in fact, very sad.

Rule number one: the boss like "obedient" employees. (As long as the manager, after all, I do not like men have uncontrollable factors.)

Rule number two: work performance is very important! (Most bosses or results-oriented in nature)

Rule number three: different people have different ways of coping. (Say bluntly, it is to see the people that were so, hell that nonsense)

Rule Four: have their own characteristics and advantages. (Simply put, it is of value.)

Rule 5: has its own irreplaceable. (Let the boss you want to fry, become very difficult. You can also open condition.)

Rule Six: Do not offend people. (Not necessarily everyone is a gentleman, the villain forever.)

Rule Seven: then hate a colleague, do not let him know.

Rule Eight: Do not talk behind boss or colleagues. (Probably you think mouth tight, is to pass the microphone)

Rule Nine: Do not underestimate anyone. (Today's small staff, tomorrow may Apprentice)

Rule Ten: Do not try to erase the unspoken rules. (There is reasonable, no clean water to fish)

Rule XI: unknown circumstances, he did not rush to intervene sure thing.

RULE XII: There intermediary business, we must try to turn around the middleman, do not try to skip.

Rule XIII: do any business, risk control is the top priority.

Rule XIV: foreign trade and domestic trade as friendship with clients, often more important than product and price.

Rule five: do anything, efficiency must be high.

Rule six: learn to use google, a lot of information at your fingertips.

Rule seven: no permanent friends, no permanent customers, only permanent interests.

Rule eight: Do not look too much the standard of English language just a communication tool only, not necessarily to do foreign trade.

Rule nine: to share interests, a person to eat food alone, partners, and men would eventually disband.

RULE XX: team cohesion, not the so-called corporate culture, may not be all the money, but we feel that follow you mix have a future.

RULE XXI: sleight of hand tricks, can sometimes proud, we can not succeed.

RULE XXII: the right to decide the rules of the game, a small company that boss, the big multinational corporations that system. Small businesses rely on the rule of man and benefits; large enterprises rely on balance and contain.

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