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Energy Saving Led Video Screen Becomes Preferred in the Market

  • Autor:Thinkxing
  • Fuente:FlintStone
  • Suelte el:2015-06-18

LED video screen

With the progress of science and technology and the constant improvement of productive forces, human beings are looting more and more resources on the earth, and many resources are facing exhaustion, for this reason, energy conservation and emission reduction becomes a topic concerning many environmentalists and even all human beings. The enhancement of environmental consciousness urges many industries to research new products and release new solutions to reduce energy consumption. As a high-tech product, led display industry also conforms to this tide and many famous led advertising sign manufacturing companies launch their energy saving led video screens.

Energy saving led video display cannot be realized only by relying on the improvement of one or two electronic parts and components, but needs technical innovation and transformation in the whole solution. In the energy saving aspect, the design of external members must make sure that the led advertising display screen has suitable gaps between the modules under both high and low working environments. Cabinet display board has intelligent temperature control and intelligent brightness control, but it still needs to effectively reduce the temperature of the led video display to improve the display effect and extend its service life. Technology is always the utmost driving force of new product and energy saving outdoor full color led display also needs new technology to support its quality and performance.


The technologies that energy led message board will need:


1. Brightness adjustment technology:

Since a led digital signage will work under various bad environments, its brightness and protective grade have strict requirement. For this reason, D-King led digital signage advertising is specially designed with brightness level 256 adjustment system to make sure that the led screen rental has the optimum display effect under any working conditions.


2. Strong convection heat-extraction system.

When an outdoor rental led display is working, it will produce a lot of heat. To ensure normal working condition, it needs to carry out systematically design on the cooling system of the led display screen, and combined with strong convection heat-extraction system and aluminous heat conduction effect, the heat dissipation is more stable and reliable.


3. Constant current noise reduction technology.

Using the internationally advanced chip system can reduce the influences of the power and other noise source factors on the led display panel.


4. Unique protective technology with environmentally friendly materials.

Using environmentally friendly materials and special technology, the protective grade of the rental led screen can reach IP67, so that the display screen can adapt to various bad weather conditions in the outdoor.