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Explore the development of digital signage content and services

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   Digital signage as a new means of information dissemination, now usage is also rising. Public places digital advertising devices (commonly known as "advertising"), each of the cities public (buildings, airports, subway, bus, shopping malls, hotels, schools, taxis, hospitals, etc.) are the rise in public places advertising the wave of digitization, Thus was born "Digital Signage (multimedia information system)"This huge industry, with the arrival of the mobile Internet, in public places is also a network of digital advertising, it is still in an initial stage, but unlimited.

   Currently too many things to attract attention, to enter the multi-screen era, smart phones are fast becoming as valuable as people's wallets and protected, within a few years, they are likely to replace many of the wallet. These will be the individual's point of sale equipment, consumers can use anywhere, buy.

从内容和服务 探究国内数字标牌发展

   Content and services from exploring the development of digital signage, multimedia information system Digital Signage System Digital Signage System

   It has obtained its information, such as detailed product or service on your phone by scanning the two-dimensional code. Future there will be two-dimensional code and other advanced interaction. Although business opportunities, but most manufacturers do not know from where the next port.

Chinese digital signage market has the following characteristics:

1, although the term digital signage has emerged for several years, but nearly ninety percent of the people still do not know why it was. Most companies are for corporate customers (shopping malls, railway stations, hospitals, etc.) to promote, and few people are willing for the entire industry to promote product knowledge to the public.

2. Chinese digital signage market by the majority of the region's sake,Digital Signage ManufacturerPreliminary estimates suggest that the number has more than 300, which has its regional vendors accounted for the bulk.

3, the international digital signage manufacturers limited by language, relationships, product development (West operations) and other issues, not obvious to promote action or put too much resources.

4, the market is not yet mature, industry rules imperfect. While in 2009 and 2010, there have been many semi-official organizations and media 筹组 digital signage, but mostly thunder and rain, is still the main reason for this market is not yet mature.

5, affected by the overall economic level and hardware environment, the domestic low-end digital signage industry demand-driven.

6, subject to the domestic popularity of wireless networks, digital signage systems based mainly in stand-alone and network version either build or network applications from a wireless network, there is a long period, high cost.

Digital Experience prevailed

   With the development of digital signage, in-store digital signage deployment is increasingly prosperous. However, just to rely on digital signage to attract customers, enhance the in-store experience is not enough, here are some of the ability to create compelling digital experiences trend:

1, to enhance your professionalism. A leading e-commerce company recently launched a called "Virtual Host" smart devices, perfectly illustrates how to use science and technology to strengthen the consumer experience, improve your professionalism. This experience is how it works: step by the store to pick up the phone, then you can talk affable and charming shopping guide, he will guide you in real-time throughout the shopping process by phone. Whatever you want, he can clearly know where to find your product. Its reaction speed and responsiveness make you play him at first when he felt the unexpected magic.

2, to the rights of consumers to control. Like on the Internet, like marketing, brand through these advanced technologies to help customers achieve self-service, so they created their own pace of consumer environment. Internet has always been about control and access the proposition, the same way to store also need to keep this core philosophy. These high-tech, so that consumers feel their own products, so you can unleash the full potential of next-generation retail experience. In addition, you also have to take into account that consumers do not like to be limited to a single platform or format above. So, make sure that they can own touch-screen interaction, but also through tablet and mobile devices extend the experience. Domestic interstellar open digital signage has powerful extensions, providing customized specialty retail interactive signage for retailers.

3, ready to stay online. The store should not have dark or when there is no electricity. Recently the Royal Bank of Canada (Royal Bank of Canada) in 100 store the deployment of touch-screen experience. RBC hope to have a solution both to promote the new product, but also to educate the customer-related banking services such as savings plans, etc. When they realized the need to update hundreds of expensive equipment costs, and can not know when to work and when not working, they would deploy a custom SaaS solutions for banks complete control of these devices possibilities, while reducing maintenance time and costs, and to ensure the maximum possible working time. This self-CSR-powered interactive solutions won the Royal Bank of Canada Customer Innovation Award.

   Has been the industry's view is: brand needs to do more than just install large monitors and televisions to the store, they need to work with consumers to create interactive experience, so they really control and implement the transaction.

从内容和服务 探究国内数字标牌发展

"Content is king" connotation decided to develop industry

   For users of digital signage is concerned, they want to passDigital signage systemsTo achieve the best propaganda purposes, to create a very critical factor is content. However, not all users are experts in this field. Then you will explore the five key elements to create outstanding digital signage content.

   First you must understand that you have to create content attractive. In today's "content is king" era, people accept large amounts of information every day, how to stand out is the most important in these messages. Create compelling content in the budget is absolutely feasible.

   Relationship:Let your creative production team with content providers to maintain a good relationship is a good idea. Have an understanding of your business, creative strategy, corporate brand content partners is a key factor to create excellent content. Suppliers with your creative team prior to fully communicate effectively prevent rework, you know, rework typically increases the cost of content creation.

   Creative Brief:If you stand on the marketing department of a retail environment end-user perspective, you will understand, first-hand the contents must be internally generated. The point is that the customer must put together a creative briefs have a full understanding. Many companies create content requirements are often derived from the marketing department. Requirements for full and complete understanding of communication is the key to the problem, so you can ensure that the content is suitable for your network policy, and give your creative team right guidance.

   Strategy:You have to do, in fact, looks more like building a house. The first and most important step is you need a solid strategy to guide you step through content creation. May wish to ask yourself, what is your goal? Is it to sell products, is updating customers or promote your brand? You must first ensure that a clear return on investment, as well as rules of origin, because good content tend to have more Species diversity of manifestations.

   External assistance:Sometimes, the internal program is not the most affordable option, usually you can also use a small portion of the budget to buy the top from the content provider, informative content. If you want to provide education and entertainment for your customers, you can find specialized information, such as news, sports, weather and more subscriptions.

   Template:Create content templates help keep costs low. Effective use of templates, you will not need to create a new point for each new ad, while still allowing you to modify the content as needed. Another advantage is the use of templates can make your brand consistent.

   Do more than five points, you will be able to understand and create successful content most important to establish and always stick to your content strategy. Research customer needs, and to fully communicate what it is you want to avoid rework. If you do not have an internal creative team, then find a sufficient understanding of your partner. This can help you in the face of tight budgets, we can still provide enough good content for the audience.

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