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Never let "boring" as one of your tags

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Weekend house at home, do you also feel life boring, no fresh?

In fact, life is not boring, boring but yourself. You have to come out of their comfort zone, with the world love to talk about a close.

If your life is a book, do not let the "boring" to be your bookmarks and tags.

Before you continue to complain about life boring, I want to ask you one sentence:If your life is a book, someone will want to read it anyway?

I do not know your "book" if anyone wants to read - but this is the following, must be people who are willing to read, and laugh with tears.

Maysoon Zayid is a Palestinian descent American actor, comedian and advocates. She was born suffering from cerebral palsy, but she did not let his life "boring."

Her body does not tremble every moment, but she learned to wear high-heeled shoes;

Her life needs a wheelchair, but she read the play, school performances, on TV, starred on Broadway ...

"I have 99 problems, cerebral palsy is just one."

This life really is a memorable adventure.

TED lecture "Maysoon Zayid: I got 99 problems ... palsy is just one", 14 points, it is recommended to watch in the WiFi environment.

How many of us, living as a last"Mean"?

Most people do not realize how small we are. If you do not do something, life will quietly slip away from you, you'll soon without leaving any traces left this world.

I know this is a little too dark to say, but this is the harsh reality.

"All your life you today is the youngest day."

"Today is the youngest you'll ever be again."

Your life interesting? You can think so few questions:

1. Remember the last time you laughed until tears came out when it?

2. Last time you really very nervous is when?

3. YouThe latest know a friend who is? How did you meet?

4. Do you remember the last lost time?

5. Have you ever been away from the farthest place?

6. Your last big cargo sweeping is when?

7. Your last cold sweat at what time?

Ask yourself these later, you may be more aware of their life in a kind of state.

After answering these questions, you may be aware,"God, that I was so bored."

Do not become a boring person.

Do not always think of "normal"
Stop being normal

Do not care what is normal, or what other people's expectations.

Sometimes the only thing holding you to do one thing is that you're afraid you look stupid or strange. The problem is that a lot of things are starting to look stupid or weird, until they are accepted by the public. For example, a year after university to travel, school to start a technology company in online dating and so on.

Do not take the unusual way, it has not boring life, is never a simple matter, but if you always seek "normal", and that these things simply can not be done.

Are you afraid to do things
Forget Fear

Why are you afraid to try something new, why not dare to go out?

Afraid of the water? Then go scuba diving it! Afraid of roller coasters? Europa Park in Germany to try. When you overcome your fear, or at least when you fight the fear that this process will give you unlimited happiness!

Believe me, because you go scuba diving, and so the chance of injury as cosmic rays from a distant planet to escape to, hit on your computer, but also less likely to jump as carefully.

There is a possibility to do it after you will lament the original so easy. Such positive feedback will also help you overcome the fear of the next.

Your inner child, keep him!
Your Inner Child

Children are always running around, carefree, do not worry or fear of injury.

Adult world will always make people become bored, boring and sad.

When people lost that innocence?Why can not we like a child?

Try Thinking like a child:"Wow, that is really so cool yeah!'"I'm not immature, I was enjoying life! Next time you should try!". Say it out loud, do not drown out your own inner voice.

Try, outgoing point
Be Outgoing

Earlier I asked a question you should ask yourself: Who is your latest friends, how you met each other?

If you do not have strong new friends for months, and that is not a good sign.

Running multiple Wangwaimian meet new friends. Whether Facebook, LinkedIn LinkedIn or micro-channel micro-Bo.

Next you want to make the people, not necessarily your buddies or loved ones, just chat friend. You do not know who you will meet, or the friendship will go far. However, people will be happy to be your friend.

"No stranger world.

Only friends you have not met. "

"There are no strangers

only friends you have not met. "

Have not tried, do not easily refuse
Try New Things

If you think a certain food seems very sick, and that people eat this food really can not understand. Have you ever thought of before, they eat this food perhaps because it is so delicious? Why do not you try it?

Do you think skateboarding is not cool? You do not want to tread everywhere posing skateboard? Then it got to try it. The next time you see someone skateboarding, ask them if you can borrow his skateboard to play5Minute, because you've never played.

You look pretty crazy, so what, who cares ah! Skateboarding people do not care, maybe he was also looking forward to it full of your performance. Your ass might pain a day or two, but it really matter?

If someone asks you want to go to a new restaurant, go to a charity or volunteer together on weekends to do a road trip, he said"Yes!"

Try more things, your life will be more interesting.

"Never mistake a person

Certainly I never tried anything new. "

~ Albert Einstein

"A person who never made a mistake

never tried anything new. "

~ Albert Einstein

Even if a person is also going to try
Be Indepedent

If you are overly dependent on others, then you are able to reach the heights at most, and they are the same.

You also do from their parents for money? Like an adult, to get a job to earn money on their own right.I want to travel and skydiving, but your friends are not interested? Do not worry about them, and their own play.

Many people want to add some art classes or to taste new cuisine restaurant, or to travel overseas, but few people do not bring companions intent to do these things.

If you do not want a person to do these things, because you will not have to join you lose a lot of interesting opportunities.

Different, but it is not the purpose of
Be Different

This will always be my most emphasized point. You do not have to think hard to wear a maverick, or because people like something you tend to get hate it.

You should not to vary.

You're different because that's what you want, you buy a fluorescent green shoelaces, not because people do not mix fluorescent green shoelaces, but because you viscerally feel"Fluorescent green laces really so cool!"

Ignore those"It looks toogayThe"Or"Why a green shoe laces you in the end ah?"It sounds.

You buy green shoelaces because you want to wear it, your green shoelaces will not affect any other people or things.

"Since we are born different

Why left very obliterate all? "

~ Edward Young

"We are all born originals

why is it so many of us die copies? "

~ Edward Young
To travel it, if you can

This is another very important point. If you want to lead a more interesting life, you should meet some interesting people! They all over the world. US customs, and practices of India, New Zealand, is completely different, see for yourself, you'll enjoy a whole new world.

"The world is a book

Who do not travel only see one page. "

- St. Augustine

"The world is a book and

those who do not travel

read only one page. "

~ St. Augustine

Maybe I could go on and on endlessly this list, but they have a common primary: You need to break the routine.

  • Interact more with people

  • To try new foods

  • Multi explore new places

  • Try another way home

  • For a radio station

  • Reading a book

  • To try yoga classes

  • Playing tennis

  • ......

You are no longer just talking about it, but need to start doing real hands. Do not give yourself excuses! Ultimately, what you want out of their comfort zone, with the world love to talk about a close.

In fact, everything is simple, you just have to start to do something: to play music loudly, took off his shoes, indiscriminately roll in the grass. If you really want to do one thing, do not hesitate, just do it.

"I can take you to the front of the. Rest is up to you good luck."

Do not let your life be attributed to boredom. ▲