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You do not have nothing, you have sick.

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Inspirational drink chicken soup, we change the taste of today, share some anti-chicken Quotations, negative energy piece to everyone.

1, when you feel poor and ugly, when nothing, do not despair. Because at least your judgment was right.

2, as long as the stone, where not emit light.

3, God is fair, gives you an ugly face, will give you a money home.

4, an ugly duckling into a swan is not how their own efforts, but it's parents are white swans.

5, had a good day today, the dream is not farther.

6, uncomfortable when rubbing his chest, telling the man that he is, to be strong.

7. Efforts may not have a good return, but do not work hard will be very easy oh.

8, go to bed early it, nobody will, and you say good night.

9. The matter can not be resolved today, do not worry, because tomorrow can not solve.

10, a young man bitter and poor and tired does not matter, anyway, after you get used to.

11, you only need to look at other people wonderful, God told you otherwise arranged.

12, like a man to be courageous confession, you ugly does not matter, if he blind too!

13, I have a family friend in general, have always felt that if their money will be happier. Later, his mother made a fortune infant education. After almost ten years I see him, and asked: now you'd have money, you really happy? He replied: cool turn it! I quietly walked away.

14, only the strong will be treated as a purely technical personnel; and the light will turn social kissing is that there is no genuine talent; so, in order to stand out in the unit, the most important is a relationship.

15, I found no more than a coal miner dug by fast when on the coal bosses.

16, I had a friend a few years ago to stop complaining and self-pity, he began efforts to change yourself. Today, his physical life and mental state is no improvement.

17. In many cases, optimism and nice words will not help you.

18, look back on their youth, I found myself lost a lot of valuable stuff. But I'm not sad, because I know that the future will lose more.

19, autumn is the harvest season. Others harvest success and happiness, your harvest is to recognize that not everyone will be successful and happy.

20, youth rely dawdle? Youth class by origin, the second youth by relationship, by third-class young talent, four other young rely on the efforts, five other young theatrical play, six other young playing games, poor travel, watching American TV.

21, every time I see feel poor travel log is: So the poor do not go out waves of TM.

22, "and then not trying to tell myself I do not want to," the pain, than the "desperate effort failed after" suffering, much smaller.

23, no wallet full, there would be no peace of mind. Many people head.

24, some young people through drama, travel and Youtube videos have a simple notion of liberal democracy; they feel bad job, poor popularity, not objects, are the victims of the Chinese system.

25, four stages of the average person's life: the heart than the high days of ignorance joy and hope - after ashamed as people struggle and suffering - no return of anger and disappointment - frankly trivial and decadent. Where you go one step?

26, a child asked a rich man: Why are you so rich uncle do? Rich man said: I give you a story. Very young, I noticed downstairs mineral water sold for a dollar, and the three stops outside the basketball court, to sell a five. I took a big bag, buy water from downstairs to the stadium to sell, sell a second. I earned ten dollars a month. The child said: I seem to understand. Rich man said: You know ass. Then my dad died, left me the money.

27, "Why do I always feel particularly common?" "Probably because you actually relatively common now."

28, I found a lot of poor people see fared very open. They do not know because to see a thorough and disdain in worldly success, or because unsuccessful and had to get upset.

29, in addition to rich, there are two kinds of people in the world: one is to live frugally to buy luxury goods loaded to force, the other is live frugally can not afford luxuries.

30, said that after a return trip to stay away, except that doing longer be delayed, and nothing has changed.

31, after the success of your efforts, you can not make up for the pain of success before you.

32. If today life deceive you, do not be sad, do not cry, because tomorrow life will continue to deceive you.

33, a friend, that's not lazy, lazy can be overcome. Your brain just weak (stupid), no way for a long time subjected to high-intensity Reflection, engage in logic too complicated things and deal with a lot of information.

34, some young people, a graduate of some large state-owned enterprises and institutions to work. No thing every day, is eating and drinking, very, very good benefits. Life has not fought began retirement, their ideals are put aside, with the flesh and blood to enjoy privileges. For such a young man, I just want to ask you two words: Which vote resume?

35, all complain about social injustice and institutions who translated only one sentence: Please give me money, women and social status.

36, often hear people say: I hope he / she has nothing to say in person, do not hurt the other after the. Some people believed, in fact, proved me, face to face to say bad things about other people, other people will be very angry, embarrassed. So be sure to slander others behind.

37, in fact, almost a girlfriend whom are constantly bickering. Some people are just more beautiful and girls in quarrel.

38, are similar when love begins. But when the two men left the flat to pull the right hand, is a crowded subway to work overtime mortgage and rural parents to send money to his holiday house 大眼瞪小眼, or open car nine to five live in a big house decorate their own little shopping at the weekend home travel abroad, the difference is very big.

39, spiritual pursuits should be a natural reaction after the pursuit of material are met. Not after real setback to seek placebo.

40, my dream is to one hand and a camera in one hand and pulling you travel around. Every day stopover at sunset is our home. Then in his thirties when still in junior positions held meager salary, and recently graduated young man to call drink together.

41, those who can help each other trust relationship friendship together is nonsense than those who eat and drink every day tour friendship, much stronger.

42, who envied elite, in fact, flies are not as good as you think. But it is certainly much better than you are.

43, thanks to those involved fans, or really see the truth, a lot of people do not come to bear.

44, no money, no business people, have time to improve their realm of life.

45, a young man always lack a correct understanding of their own. Sometimes feel capable, brighter, and sometimes feel useless, trivial incompetence. Growing up, experience much more, and gradually recognize their own, only to find out that they are useless, trivial incompetence.

46, idiom Sentence: Many young people want to find happiness and meaning in life, from work, really futile.

47, the road to see two grown men and women does not look good but also looks very poor kiss. I say that two people poor quality of material life, each other companions. My friend immediately retorted: Quality of Life is impossible to not be happy? They are so in love, and those who have more money than the United States but is much celebrity divorce! I said I did not say they were not happy to die, your efforts to refute, may be your own inner voice.

48, sociologists study showed that: ugly and money men are not more reliable than high handsome rich.

PS: This article does not represent the views or our own ideas, and share only for the exchange. Information and values ​​on the network Chen miscellaneous diverse, hope you Dialectically, rational identification, do not parrot.

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