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You have been removed from group chat

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Micro-channel group and friends practitioners face family must-see list of micro-letter

(Please condemnation)

Sign rice party

Every shot will eat, see rice on the photo!

Rather greedy crazy, we must first feed the iphone!

If serving forgot to take pictures

This meal is simply quite unlikely the same.

Parents who are losing weight you hate it

Self narcissistic party

His circle of friends is a whole self-timer photo album,

Unlock the 182 kinds of Self posture.

No matter wind and rain, or sick, or to hang up, the self-timer can not be stopped. After getting make-up, go to work to eat, and travel reading coffee, after a bath, the toilet ......

Someone asked, where the most beautiful girls?

Answer: circle of friends.

Sorry, this type must be posted a few pictures

Scissorhands, YEAH !!

Topless Xiushen Cai, YEAH !!

Based Friends of girlfriends together, YEAH !!

Rumors party

This can not eat

That can not be touched

Make it make it? Milk can not drink with a straw!

Milk protein will be the second force and straw chemicals giant stupid ethylene react

And generate toxic substances stupid acid, burned brains! !

Tour Party

This is a type of harmless to humans and animals

But really pull hate ah

Others work overtime busy, she Square in Prague

Others write PPT, she boarded the plane to Sydney

Moaning party

I feel every day is shrouded in romance + insolvency + doomsday people

Read Ta circle of friends know Shajiao negative energy bursting

The mind is under the rain, the world no longer sunny ......

Traffic Killer

The same sentence, the same photo.

Must be in the circle of friends, micro-channel group, QQ space, instagram, microblogging ...... all hair again!

Show affection

A variety of positions, temptation

People simply could hold

Single thought the dog feel it ......

Show Car Party

Self-love in the car

Self-timer, you will not accidentally be exposed logo

But not limited to, Lamborghini, Maserati, Porsche


Circle of friends

He often work late into the night

Basically does not break holidays

I doubt

He must be added the boss of the micro-letter

Like the party seeking

Pro, the first circle of friends seeking praise!

Do not say you have not heard this phrase

Point Like spree

You romance, praise!

You rain was, praise!

You did not buy a packet of instant noodles seasoning packet, praise!

You find no toilet paper for help, praise!

Sun baby party

Circle of friends hardly own photos

All baby photos


Because the baby good-looking than me! !

Derivative party

This not to say we know everything

Her mask history of the most diao

Results are as follows

Having a circle of friends, we look at the micro-channel group

The main group

The top leadership of micro-channel group, kneel lick


The group of active beauty

A men's group in the eternal topic

Group activity to enhance the second power (?)


Often red envelopes in the group Tyrant

Harvest ten thousand a day, "Mody Mody da"

High colder than

Rarely participate in discussions within the group

Occasionally pop out of a very philosophical

A worldly air thinker

Groups anger

Jiyangwenzi often in the group, pointing country

Evil, every social event, will be published in the group eloquent comment

Grapevine party

Well-informed sources, today's thin home to die tomorrow weeks old pills

He was always the first to know

A wily look

Piece dog

A fresh piece

The first time moving to the group

With him, no longer on the micro-Bo

Night Cat Party

Wake up every morning

Always find a group where there are unread messages

Point to open to see, there are two or three people in the middle of the night to chat

Especially in the end what you go to bed ah

Love to kill one family

A group where there will be one pair of pinch groups like Friends or girlfriends.

They often come and go at the same time and disappears.

Red Group

Each micro-channel has a soul level figures

Called group Red

He may also not high activity

He may not be how red envelopes

But he is an indispensable figure the entire group

Every time he was black, would enhance the group activity 200%

Diving Family

Since into the group, never a word.

But grab a red envelope can always see his shadow.

You have been removed from group chat

Without saying a word, you know to grab a red envelope

It is the outcome.

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