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China Shenzhen is a place of the dreams

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  • Relâchez le:2015-07-05
Shenzhen is a place of dreams


Many people do not understand, at home, in the shelter of their parents, there is room easily, even easy to have a car, you can live comfortably, but in Shenzhen, the house is a luxury, work still slaving away, so situation, why were they still want to stay in Shenzhen?

I think maybe because we always believe that life will be better and better! Just graduated from that time, the standard of living may not be much difference, but 3--5 years, the gap will grow!

※ little stupid friends know almost ※ is a good harbinger of a real example:

Three-month internship at the beginning of zero salary, $ 1,000 per month after three months.

If this happens other people, a lot of people already left.

At that time the Chinese New Year New Year back home are afraid to go out to see people.

Shortly after the second job change, a monthly salary of three thousand, because the work performed well, up four times a year salary.

Now my salary is also very general, but with the home compared to their peers little higher than my salary.

As long as you more carefully, more brains, survive the current difficulties, everything will always get better.

Metropolitan believe in miracles, I believe dreams.

In addition, the following reasons:

[A suitable job]

At home: either civil servants or self-employed, work no future.

In Shenzhen: whether financial, Internet, media you can find the corresponding position, and even work, you still may become well-paid employees.

[] The freedom to change jobs

At home: Basic Your company will be entering into a lifetime, looking for a job will face interference from parents, because I think the old-for-unstable.

In Shenzhen: As long as you see fit, you can jump four times a year, and I think of course, a lot of time is getting higher and higher wages.

[Ubiquitous convenience store]

At home: In many cases more than 11 points over the many shops are closed and want to buy things are very troublesome.

In Shenzhen: 7-11 everywhere, family, supper Street, Bar Street, no matter how late, you can find favorite pastime.

Relatively standardized [taxi]

At home: at home, often taxis are not hit the table, get bargain on the market can only be unfamiliar pit.

In Shenzhen: few exceptions, are hit the table, how much is rarely pocket road, even at night, when no car, also still have a lot of software you can use a taxi, even at night is not afraid of no car to go home .

[Know] different friends

At home: most of the time, our circle and confined work colleagues and former classmates.

In Shenzhen: We can pay interest because a variety of friends, the circle will be growing.

[Eat different food]

At home: food can be called not by much, except for some small to eat a big old outside.

In Shenzhen: In addition to old, snack bar, there are a variety of new restaurants, pizza, grilled fish, dessert, if you want to eat any food you can find.

[More night on the way there are people]

At home: more than 11 basic points to sleep, little nightlife, to be used if the city, returned home at night, there is always a lonely feeling.

In Shenzhen: 11:00 Many people began to work, nightlife began, no matter how late, you will not feel lonely, because on the road, there are a lot of people with you.

[Inclusive] more to strong

At home: tattoos, hair, men and men, women female was always subject to a variety of strange looks.

In Shenzhen: meet the above, more people are indifferent smile, but do not say anything, because everyone has the right of choice.

[Possible] from zero to infinity

At home: you can not see the future, once into a particular track, you can see your way in the next 50 years.

In Shenzhen: You believe that if you work hard, more brains, you can change your destiny.

[Relatively fair competition]

At home: you have no money? It's okay? Then move an inch

In Shenzhen: As long as you have a skill, you may borrow money, relationship? In many cases, you do not fight father in Shenzhen, fight relationship, as long as you have a skill, you will attract others to come to you, around you form a network of relationships, and you are the center of this network.

[Experience] knowledge a big difference

At home: Because you see the world is so big, so you have a little achievement to feel very fast hardware and arrogant

In Shenzhen: look, the more you know your shortcomings, so you know the humility, the Shenzhen people are pragmatic, net worth tens of millions of people may be very simple dress.

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