10 Alternative Google search tricks customers
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10 Alternative Google search tricks customers

  • Author:Thinkxing
  • Source:FlintStone
  • Release on :2015-05-30
10 Alternative Google search tricks customers

Finishing the 10 super easy, super practical tips from thousands of customers search Google search customer skills, the following line may share with you -

1. Basic Search: Enter keyword + customer (importer / distributor / supplier) search box; keyword + behavior (purchase, buy, import) and the like to search for specific types of customers.

2, Site Rules: This rule will restrict the search range of search engines, such as site: commercial-display-manufacturer.hkDisplays search results are UK website. "Site:. Amazon * glasses" to find glasses global commodity Amazon (* for any content).

3, Relate formula: If the business already know a customer's site, then enter in the Google search relate: + customer site, you can find other similar website.

4. States company suffix: 3 used in conjunction with the method, can accurately lock Area customers. For example, China's Co., Ltd, American Inc, Italian sr l like.

5, Link equation: input link + known site in Google search, you can view the company's partners and link sources.

6, trade show exhibitors list: Search Products keyword / Show Name + exhibitor lists, you can find the relevant product suppliers or exhibitors list in Google search.

7, Google Image Search function: Search by keywords, and then click through a similar picture of the product in, you can view the client's site, or by uploading their product images look, this method can be used to collect the product keywords to find suppliers .

8, industry and the Chamber of Commerce information: search industry name + Association in search engines. Generally, a country's trade associations are included ManufacturersDealer information.

9, market research: Enter keyword + market research, search industry reports, such reports will generally include some well-known companies or distributors contact information.

10, advertising: search engine for ads above and to the right, although resentment, but there is a lot of advertising to find potential customers.

Google's entire search system is very powerful, but also very complex, companies using the above method to find customers, when to know how flexible and keep trying, in order to truly appreciate the beauty of Google search.


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