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Advertising problems and solutions for everyday use

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  • Release on :2016-01-11
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Advertising player (LCD one) as a new advertising medium, widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets, banking and finance, intellectual property, hospital health care, hotels, government windows. In everyday use, advertising opportunities arise various problems hinder the application. That the emergence of these problems, how to solve it? This article compiled some use advertising process prone to problems and solutions for the majority of industry reference.

1, the screen serious shine Please look around is not disturbed magnetic field; check the power supply voltage is not stable; check presenter, graphics drivers; progress refresh rate 75HZ; as it is still the line only to find advertising machine manufacturers fix resolved.

2, the screen no show, the front panel LEDs shine See presenter and computer signal cable connection is strong, and then view the signal line jack is not a pin to break, twists and turns.

3, when the switch on the LCD, showing on the screen disturb Mottled This situation is troubling signal to show the card to be formed, attributed to normal appearance. This question can be handled automatically or manually adjust the phase.

4, on the LCD screen has thumb size spots This situation is largely due to the pressing force is formed. In the external oppression polarizer LCD panel will be deformed, the polarizing nature like aluminum foil, is pressed after the concave not own bounce, thus forming a reflective LCD panel when differences exist, there will be what you see dark, this is easy to find in some black and white, big and small are usually a dozen square millimeters, that is the size of a thumb, this does not affect the use of life expectancy of the LCD, in the future, please pay more attention to the use of, not hand to Press the LCD screen.

5, LCD whether the long series of jobs? LCD is no doubt that long-term operation. Actually presenter contrast with the usual CRT, LCD heat a small, low-power, long-term operation even more appropriate. But from the viewpoint of conservation, still to LCD moment "breathing", what contrast LCD is a precious commodity, presented as simple questions can handle unlike CRT presenter.

6. How to clean shell Use cotton stick with water scrubbing, do not use any cleaner, it would lose the unique luster shell factory.

7, how to clean your LCD screen When cleaning the LCD screen try not to use too much water containing a damp cloth, to avoid moisture into the LCD screen and cause an internal short circuit and other illnesses seizures; advocate chosen glasses cloth, lens paper and soft material on the LCD screen to scrub, then it is possible to avoid moisture from entering LCD inside, it will not scratch the LCD screen.

8, individual users can disassemble LCD Can not. Because even if the LCD closed long after, its internal components of the CFL backlight inverter is still capable of having about 1000V high voltage, this pressure can cause serious personal injury. So do not disassemble LCD, avoid high-pressure encounter. And without the dealer permission to disassemble LCD will lose warranty rights.

9, advertising plug in the power does not respond Remove the key advertising machine back cover, and open the back cover advertising machine, see ad machine dedicated power supply is not energized, the wire is not dropped or loose, with the following multimeter indicator is not lit, if there is a power supply , look decode board is not a power, and then see ad Driver board is not a power, to view high-pressure section is not energized, view the speaker is not in the ring, viewing the LCD screen is not powered on, no one is not energized, it indicates where advertising is broken, it would have to replace broken parts immediately advertising.

10, black (no picture no sound) No power to the machine, whether to view the power supply has interpolation, machine power switch is open, press the POWER button on the remote control; in the case of electricity situation is still not boot, restart the advertising machine off after 10 minutes; if it is determined it is not a job board to replace the motherboard.

11, black (with sound without images) Backlit screen does not work, there are three possible: Inverter wiring board and the screen may drop, plug connection can; Inverter bad, replace high-pressure section; motherboard is broken, replace the motherboard.

12, black and white (no picture no sound) Bad motherboard, replace the motherboard.

13, black and white (with sound without images) Screen cable not plugged in, re-inserted through the (face watching the screen line, do not insert anti-).

14, black and white (off white screen) Bad motherboard, replace the motherboard.

15, the video (distortion, red screen) Broken screen line can replace the screen line; bad motherboard, replace the motherboard.

16, blue appearance Press the remote's "POWER" key to make it restart; as often presented, and continue longer term, please contact the professionals.

17, no reader CF card connector pins rendered tortuous, tweezers dial straight.

18, automatic shutdown after boot The primary discrimination menu setting is off when not in keep; machines presents the appearance of a short circuit can replace the motherboard; Inverter operation is not normal, replace high-pressure section; remote control is not working. 

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