Characteristics of Chinese digital signage market have?
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Characteristics of Chinese digital signage market have?

  • Author:Thinkxing
  • Source:FlintStone
  • Release on :2015-07-09

China Digital Signage The market has the following characteristics:

1, although the term digital signage has emerged for several years, but nearly ninety percent of the people still do not know why it was. Most companies are for corporate customers (shopping malls, railway stations, hospitals, etc.) to promote, and few people are willing for the entire industry to promote product knowledge to the public.

2. Chinese digital signage market by the majority of the reason the region, preliminary estimates suggest that the number of digital signage manufacturers have been more than 300, which has its regional vendors accounted for the bulk.

3, the international digital signage manufacturers limited by language, relationships, product development (West operations) and other issues, not obvious to promote action or put too much resources.

4, the market is not yet mature, industry rules imperfect. While in 2009 and 2010, there have been many semi-official organizations and media 筹组 digital signage, but mostly thunder and rain, is still the main reason for this market is not yet mature.

5, affected by the overall economic level and hardware environment, the domestic low-end digital signage industry demand-driven.

6, subject to the domestic popularity of wireless networks, digital signage systems based mainly in stand-alone and network version either build or network applications from a wireless network, there is a long period, high cost.

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