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Cinema Digital Signage signage applications

  • Author:Thinkxing
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  • Release on :2015-09-16

(1), movie information transmission
The rapid development of the movie industry, movie theater and faster updates, usually to play DVD movies and other videos, premiere, etc., has been unable to meet today's theater, in this case, Science and Technology Cooperation Digital Signage Independent research and development of theater multimedia information distribution system, will make up for this shortfall.

(2), boot Screening Room
Auditorium door release terminal, mainly used boot. Guests can find their own intuitive and quick to see the exact location of the film through information dissemination system. Post conference guide information display device, not only editorial content easily and quickly, and beautiful interface, which saves the traditional conference signboard printing, placement, and many other problems, but also improve the aesthetics and overall quality. And according to the specific needs of customers, the display name of the film, starring profiles and the like in the auditorium in front of the display.

(3), theater information and ticket presentation
Traditional price introduced mainly electronic screen hanging behind the reception, show and theater ticket number, but this has not meet the high demands of consumers. Multimedia information system can play simultaneously pictures, video, text, etc., will allow consumers to see the introduction, promotions, fare information, as well as the case of the theater seated in the queue waiting time, so that consumers do not buy the ticket, on the right All very well informed.

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