Education facilities application of digital signage​
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Education facilities application of digital signage​

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The power of digital display technology helped make Las Vegas a more exciting place to visit. It will do the same for your campus. FlintStone are filled with new ideas on how you can harness that power to inspire. inform and involve students.

Campus administrators are turning to digital signage and interactive technologies to improve their facilities' teaching and learning environments. Digital signage systems also provide important platforms for efficient communications across campuses, and are especially effective for crisis alerts. In addition to improved communications with students, faculty and visitors, revenue generation opportunities are available through sponsored content and campus-approved advertising.

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Digital Signage Benefits on Campus

  1. 1. Broadcast emergency notifications and alerts
  2. 2. Reduce paper clutter and create a more state-of-the-art atmosphere
  3. 3. Schedule content to communicate messages at the proper time and location
  4. 4. Integrate event schedules and information.
  5. 5. Display social media updates and live data for news, weather, scores, and more

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Education Applications

  1. 1. Athletic Hall of Fame Displays allow programs to share the history, chronicle the journey to championships, and recognize the accomplishments of athletes and coaches.
  2. 2. Campus Communications Each college on campus has distinct needs to communicate with students regarding club news, department highlights, upcoming events and much more. Large format displays help to bring life to this content and ensure it is updated in real-time.
  3. 3. Donor Recognition Every university relies on generous donations from distinguished alumni and business partners to help improve programs. Interactive displays enable universities to show media such as photos or video to tell stories and recognize gifts.
  4. 4. Way-finding Each campus is a complex maze of buildings. Touch enabled kiosks allow guests and visitors to quickly find what they are looking for and the best route to get there.
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