Foreign practitioners, self-test yourself professional enough?
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Foreign practitioners, self-test yourself professional enough?

  • Author:Thinkxing
  • Source:FlintStone
  • Release on :2015-06-16

The most basic things, new people should know how much is it negligible, in fact, many are related to the Are you a professional in front of customers, specialized equipment not you can hold out, the customer asked a few questions, you will all revealed the secret!

1, for foreign trade people, we see the exchange rate is to look at the cash purchase price. Because incoming foreign exchange, bank buying is buying our renminbi foreign exchange, it is cash purchase price! This you know?

2, on the amount, the decimal representation, how do you mean? Such as 988.90, a lot of people just us dollars nine hunderd and eighty-eight poine nine, that right? Do not call the wrong, can only say, not professional, it should be US DOLLARS NINE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-EIGHT AND CENTS NINETY ONLY. This you know?

3. The amount of the bill of lading is generally not allowed, and that you know? Many people took the amounts for shipping companies to write, shipping companies refused, I thought this was amazing shipping companies, not to write, in fact, this is an industry practice, shipping companies do not write, because the bill of lading is the goods right credentials, if there is a the amount is equivalent to recognize the value of the goods, once the cause of the loss because the ship's cargo or destroyed, the shipping company is equivalent to admit the shipment to compensate so much value. Of course, a lot of time if you do not tell the shipping company operating directly written into the operation is not careful, or too many documents, you can mix in the past.

4, PI in the end is what? PI does not necessarily mean the transaction, when the customer needs you to offer information written confirmation, you will be required to send a PI, price, payment, delivery, etc. various provisions are very comprehensive, easy for several quotes unified compare.

5, do not think you have the goods sent back, and the bill of lading in your hands, you can easily drag the goods back. This statement by the common, many people do see a copy of the payment bill of lading, the results of the customer has been dragging do not give money, so our sales to blackmail clients, you do not pay, I'll drag back the goods, the deposit is not refundable. Do you think the customer would be afraid of it? This threat would be counterproductive, because most countries harbor provisions of goods to Hong Kong after, you want returned, must have the original consignee 'return non-objection', otherwise not allowed to send back the goods to Hong Kong some time After Customs will auction the goods to photograph port charges, while the original purchase shall have the priority right photograph.

6, letters of credit in the first person is always the issuing bank, and that you know?

7. Trading Company calculated in accordance with the proceeds from the invoice rebates rather than FOB price, you know? That is when you buy this shipment, your supplier's invoice value prescribed for you is based on your tax refund.

8, USD79.230,00-- This value is inside the letter appeared, showing how much do you think? It indicates wrong? Without this number is 79,230.00-- credit in, if there is a decimal point, must be represented by a comma.

9, letter of credit, first payer will always be the issuing bank. If you can make the perfect document, regardless of the issuer dead or alive, the issuing bank had to pay, which is why the letter of credit for security reasons. Many people say that the documents do improve how may I tell you, it is entirely possible, because I've seen too many documents, any how you pick, not pick a substantial discrepancies as protest grounds.

10,3 / 3 bill of lading, a tri three it? No, tri-n, which is a fraction, meaning that a total of issued three originals, to submit a three originals.

11, CIF CIF price of the insurance is an addition of 110% multiplied by the premium rate, you know why? Because 10% of the customer's profit!

12, never had a war of words with the customers. Remember, we're not trying to correct the mistakes of customers, you go to correct his mistake, point out his mistakes, will only make you both farther and farther; of course this does not mean you have to succumb to him, the simple answer is, yes, i think in your side, it is right.But for us ......

13.80% of the customers are tracked by n times get. So do all day looking for the mailbox, and old customers to take advantage of the resources you hand.

14, said the development of the letter as simple as possible, it's not. For some large companies, the development of your faith can not be too simple, and certainly not long-winded, you want to introduce your company right, married, more likely to cooperate.

15, you can not make the customer feel you are to earn his money, but does not mean you have to tell the customer the deal does not make money. Customers are not fools, do not make money, your boss crazy? You want to make him feel that you are to look for an opportunity to both sides to make money through this opportunity, if you do business, into a disadvantage.

16, I have to nag again this topic, do not tell the customer, this is your company policy decision, as you will only drive away the majority of customers.

17, in which international trade, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau is not the Chinese range. Because international trade is the economic entity as a host, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, are independent economy, which is not split, the economy is not the same with political implications.