People can control the morning, before the control of life
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People can control the morning, before the control of life

  • Author:Thinkxing
  • Source:Wechat
  • Release on :2015-07-24

1. Happy feeling stronger, University of Toronto, a new study found that both young and old, early bird emotions more active and healthy sense of self is better. Early bird bath may be a major cause of dawn feel comfortable.


2. Better performance
United States, "Web MD" Web site published a University of Texas study found that "lark type" (early) Students score points over the "owls" (late at night) Students up a full point. Study leader Dr. Daniel • Taylor said, "Lark type" student life more regular, punctual class, learning more active, stay up all night and no health problems.

3. More vigorous effort
The study found that early risers usually wake up faster, and more sober-minded, able to quickly put high attention requires activity, not easy to fall asleep, more vigorous effort.


4. Morning High efficiency
"Night owl" bleary-eyed when the early morning run may have been completed, good breakfast, a lot of transactions processed. For more challenging activities that day, get up early are more likely to plan early and timely implementation.

5. Work more seriously
The study found a number of character, strong sense of responsibility people higher efficiency, better organized, more targeted, more attention to detail. Some studies have found that early risers mind fresh, failing to plan ahead more resolute action.

6. Small risk of depression
The study found that love to stay up late are more likely to suffer from depression. People get up early to do things more organized, well-prepared, very few panic, thus less depression. Another reason is that early risers adequate sleep, depression, lack of sleep is a major incentive.

7. More good man
In 2013, a University of Sydney psychology study found that early risers are usually more friendly. Less a "dark three character" that self-centered (the narcissist), love of adventure exciting and ruthless (psychopaths) and good at lying hi to people juggling (trickery person). Mr. Nan once said, "who can control the morning, before the control life!" Early hours, when others are still dreaming of bed when you've gone on the road for the dream and hard work.