Stable marketing brings stable increasing amount of customers-by Steve Jobs
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Stable marketing brings stable increasing amount of customers-by Steve Jobs

  • Author:Bruce
  • Source:Flintstone
  • Release on :2015-06-06

Stable marketing brings stable increasing amount of customers

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As you already know, if one wants to live a calm and smooth life, he or she has to be stable enough, say, having a stable personality.

Like Mahatma Gandhi who lived in a tumultuous period and led one of the largest social revolutions in human history. Despite the changing  conditions of his life, his personality remained remarkably stable. For example, he practiced self-denial and self sufficiency  throughout  his  adult life, preferring a simple loincloth and shawl to the suit and tie worn by most leaders of the world's great nations.

So Gandhi had such a stable personality that assisted him to become so influential and make a real impact on human beings.

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It works exactly the same with becoming a influential marketer. You have to be marketing all the time without stopping so that through extensive accumulation you will certainly make a huge impact upon human beings' mind to let them be influenced by what the marketer is marketing for, your products. 

Thus, being constant and stable is a very important factor that makes a difference  and changes what you want to change, like letting people visit your products and even buy.

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