The power of digital display technology
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The power of digital display technology

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  • Release on :2015-12-04

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The power of digital display technology helped make Las Vegas a more exciting place to visit. It will do the same for your restaurants. Exhibits at DSE are filled with new ideas on how you can harness that power to draw customers into your business. To engage and excite them, and bring them back. Experience the world’s largest digital display, where endless innovation is on display.

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Benefits for dining locations:

  • Ease of menu changes to accommodate regulations regarding ingredients
  • Up-sell and promote new items
  • Remotely update your entire network centrally to ensure consistency for all locations
  • Day part sales promotions as well as utilize inventory level systems to change promotions based in stock
  • Enhance customer experience and reduce perceived wait time
  • Eliminate recurring costs associated with printing and shipping static materials

Restaurants, QSR locations and bars are turning to digital signage and interactive technologies to improve the customer experience and lift sales. Digital signage systems also provide important platforms for employee training programs and internal communications.

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Applications at DSE for Dining Establishments

  • Drive Thru Displays Quickly communicate specials and day part your displays in the drive thru to show the most relevant items lowering your cost to make menu changes.
  • Menu Boards Promote specials using attention-getting graphics by leveraging cutting edge digital display technology. Schedule specials, update prices in real-time, and inject announcements and messaging.
  • Promotion Display Specials & Promotion displays provide the ultimate flexibility to schedule and update display content to coincide with any promotional strategy. Display mouth watering photos, text, video, and more. Easily create schedules that are based on on a specific date and time or recurring dates.
  • Drink Selection Digital menu boards aren’t only for food. Display your impressive selection of beverages on a digital display and manage the list from a simple Google Spreadsheet. Include mouth watering photos, announcements, specials, and more.
  • Entertainment Do more with your screens that just TV. Keep your patrons entertained and informed with up-to-date sports scores, news, tournament brackets, and social media updates.

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