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Airport information technology, digital signage popular

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     In the information age Airport Digital Signage Applications More and more common, has become an important part of airport digital construction. Compared with the traditional information dissemination tools, highlighting the advantages of digital signage systems is the use of fragmented time audience, while the airport as a central transit point for travelers, time is undoubtedly a fragmented concentration camp. It is this "for" and "seeking" level of collaboration, contributed to popular airport digital signage applications.

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     Stability maintenance, entertainment face it, digital signage enhance Airport Service Quality

     In people's daily life, the aircraft has become a very popular means of transport, traffic rising, which directly led to rapid increases in population density airports, wanted in an increasingly complex environment, to ensure the normal functioning of the airport operation, the smooth flow of information has become the primary prerequisite. Airport digital signage not only for passengers timely delivery of weather, flight information, boarding information, general information, important information opaque avoid the disorder caused by the airport, but also to bear part of the business process functions through self-service terminals, such as information inquiry, refund, change sign, etc., to share passenger flow peak window of pressure to ensure the efficiency of airport services.

     In addition to conventional business information management,Airport Digital Signage It is a rare atmosphere adjustment tool. Airport terminal is inevitable, but in reality this may seem silly relaxed blank time, if not adjust very easy to produce boredom, affecting travel mood. With the digital signage system, the airport can play current events, entertainment news and other rich passenger waiting time, and, even more crucially, airport digital signage can integrate popular social media, and the "microblogging control", "micro-channel control "Real-time interaction, and on the big screen in real-time interactive information sharing, highlighting the human touch children of airport operations.

     Airport applications into gold digital signage companies are overweight

     On the domestic digital signage market, led by the Government of the transport sector has been considered the most promising applications, and has been the field of aviation "rich handsome" image appearing on the information technology has always been generous, has the digital signage Applications deemed a symbol of modern airport operations. With the improvement of people's living standards, people's demand for rapid increases in air travel, domestic airport into the peak construction period. This will drive digital signage applications market for further expansion.


     Related statistics show that only in 2012, the domestic airport construction projects reached 75, behind the capital investment of up to 40 billion, its continued construction of information, the digital signage business, no doubt, a huge cake. Huge market potential to stimulate business investment in digital signage enthusiasm, Samsung, LG and other big companies have applied for the airport launched a detailed solution, and accumulated a lot of success stories, and actively grab market dominance.

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