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Power is not your leadership team of reason! Six people not qualified management team

  • Autor:Thinkxing
  • Fuente:FlintStone
  • Suelte el:2015-06-23

The first category, do not build trust and abuse of power leadership.

Drucker said:
The essence of management is to build trust,
The maximum cost of administrative costs is trust!
Leaders do not fickle!
Leaders must have kept their promises
Leaders of all acts to establish trust organization as the core!
You can make most people trust you
You will be able to manage the number of people!
You can affect how many people, how many people you will be able leadership!
Rather than how much power you!
Remember -
Power is not your leadership team of reason!

The second category, everything themselves, not decentralization of leadership.

Ma said:
Employees are afraid to make mistakes leading the biggest mistake!
I want to train employees,
We must give employees the opportunity to do things
Employees should be given the opportunity to make mistakes!
Leadership hands of super narcissism,
Just think they can do it, alone.
So they grabbed power, dead tired, but always felt the lack of talent. I do not believe that men dictates, do not believe others dictates! Such leadership is either greedy for power or love interest. Under the personal control of every detail, and each have left the corporate profits. Therefore, you can imagine, companies can do big? Menthods greedy for power, does not trust others, such leadership is either paranoid fear of being scared of their own making, or exhausted!

The third category, Jiuzhuo leadership.

To do business is a dinner party, for this type of leadership, potbellied, all are in the wine business. While flatter customers happy, but bear alcoholic liver, high blood lipids risk.
Such leadership, depending on their body as the barrel, do-nothing, he can for the customer's body sake of it? Unless the customer is Jiunangfandai otherwise really in the wine business? Of course, the leadership of harm Jiuzhuo Moreover, drink brag force, under the drink sets, these leaders could have done it, you say this kind of leadership there a future?

The fourth category, do not focus on employee learning and growth, their own rigid thinking, a bar, not the times of leadership.

Leadership greatest responsibility is to foster a good staff.
If the leader only to employees as a tool,
Leading the management team are not eligible!
It failed to do this kind of leadership that the persistent, very pragmatic, but it also achieved a few things so. However, in the information age, flexible, flexible, fast response is crucial. Thus, those rigid thinking, leadership insist pine does not relax, though the quality seems valuable, but companies increasingly useless, will not be eliminated strange!

The fifth category, do not pay attention to the leadership of enterprise culture.

These leaders are always very mysterious, with few exchanges of staff, number of employees applying make hair more to electronic means. They do not talk about the future with the staff, as long as do the current all OK. Such a leadership team led by often no cohesion, employees do not know where to make a strong, relax, this team certainly developed properly, leading naturally to be eliminated, unless you are government officials.

The sixth category, repeatedly, flip-flop, indecisive leadership.

Employees fear to meet such leadership, not only repeated often subjected to various torture, but the key moment, the leadership can not act decisively, one can imagine the pain suffered by employees. This led to the last moment still hesitant, program staff will always be leaders in exchange for going back and forth.