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Digital Signage help corporate marketing

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  • Suelte el:2015-06-30
       For now, the digital signage influence has been very strong, however, as technology continues to improve and continue to broaden the range of applications, its influence is expected to further improve. Arb's study found that 47% of people will clearly remember in the last 30 days, from digital signage display information obtained. Based on this advantage, digital signage is undoubtedly the corporate branding and sales promotion tool.

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Precision publicity, digital signage help corporate branding

       For an enterprise, establish brand awareness is very important because it is an important incentive for companies to generate customer interest. Digital signage can complement current marketing strategies to further improve the customer experience, build customer loyalty. With the digital signage, the user can push relevant information to the sales point near the crowd, so as to effectively enhance their brand awareness and attract potential customers.

       Specifically, the company marketing digital signage exactly what help? First, branding it makes the company a wider range, 7x24 hours continuous operation without human intervention, at any time can be the brand concept of publicity; secondly, it updates flexible, the user can create unique display, will specific information pushed to specific customers; Furthermore, it supports real-time feedback, allowing users to better understand their own brand of audience, in order to "remedy"; in addition, new technologies ahead of the competition will have a positive effect driven more easy to make itself stand out.


Personalized promotions, digital signage effectively improve store sales

       Related survey found that nearly 20 percent of consumers had no plans to buy after seeing digital signage display broadcast advertising messages will be temporary consumption. Thus, digital signage applications not only an effective way to increase brand awareness, but also an effective way to enhance product sales. In fact, regardless of whether an immediate effect, to improve their interaction with customers, will have a positive impact on marketing.

       No matter what industry, personality full of information campaigns on the overall marketing strategy will form a strong push. With the formation of consumer online shopping habits, physical stores in urgent need of some fresh elements to attract consumer spending. Through the introduction of new technology to improve the customer's shopping experience, the store has become an important means of survival, it has become a key interactive elements, and this digital signage strengths.

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