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Advertising machine manufacturers advise: Do not act too smart

  • Author:Thinkxing
  • Source:Wechat
  • Release on :2015-07-10
Among older people on a regular popular saying: "fine third, silly one-third, one-third leave to future generations." This means that if the previous generation, especially astute family, then there might be a fool Xia Yibei or unprofitability. Others use this phrase to remind people not to be too smart to do things. This sentence really thin sentiment have some truth. 


1, fine-third to use their professional up. The door from school into the community, some knowledge is obsolete. Therefore, a person want to put their own careers to do, you have to lifelong learning. Should combine theory with practice, the results of modern science applied to the development of their professional go, to strive for excellence.

2, fine-thirds use to life. The right to establish their own life and values, and strive to own integration into society, to be able to adapt to the environment, and then through their own efforts to transform the environment. To go with the tide, the wider world, everyone can be better in this world, we can survive survival.

3, fine-thirds use to handle various contradictions, opportunities and setbacks. To sensible to balance the various contradictions, to advance to meet the opportunities and take all the preparatory work, so as to seize the opportunity to seize the opportunity. To be brave in the face of setbacks, to be able to draw lessons from the setback, life will never fall twice in the same place.

[Silly thirds]

1, stupid one-third is to be able to suffer. Leadership can lose, you can receive a good one unit. Individuals can suffer, can establish themselves in the crowd. A family can suffer, certainly improve neighborhood relations. People can suffer, eat a small loss. People can not lose, sooner or later would be disastrous.
2. silly one-third is to be able to endure hardship. Students should be able to endure hardship, like academic performance. Leadership hardworking, strong and dry masses follow. A family man can suffer, the family is certainly a rich family. Hardworking people eat while suffering, people eat not suffer a lifetime of pain.
3, silly one-third is to have endurance. To dry the career success, you have to have stamina, not be so anxious to cut corners. Mathematicians study life on the ten numbers. World famous star's life on the study of a ball. Rice father lives on rice research. Endurance of the people must be able to create brilliant. No stamina people will accomplish nothing. 

[Leave to future generations thirds]

1, to train children and grandchildren love to learn, willing to research, and to read, absorb nutrients from natural science, social science books. Do not be left to posterity million consistent family property. Earth people know, the rich, but three generations.
2 sons to pass hard-working, simple, kind-hearted family tradition. Do not be afraid of hardship to their children, afraid to lose, I love Zhanxiaopianyi bad habits.
3, to create offspring independent ability to survive, worked hard power, sustained endurance.