Digital Signage Benefits for Systems Integrators
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Digital Signage Benefits for Systems Integrators

  • Author:Thinkxing
  • Source:FlintStone
  • Release on :2015-12-17

Many systems integrators and installers discovered early on the benefits of adding digital signage to their varied portfolio of AV products; however, many of those early adopters learned through the school of hard knocks that digital signage has its unique requirements. Knowing those requirements will determine whether digital signage makes sense for you and your company.

Digital Signage Benefits for Systems Integrators

Digital Signage Benefits for Systems Integrators

  • 1.Add new product line and revenue stream to existing AV product portfolio
  • 2.Expand business with current clients via the addition of digital signage
  • 3.Attract new digital signage only clients, who might also use other AV services
  • 4.Change from a "hang-and-bang" to a recurring revenue business model by offering maintenance contracts, leasing arrangements, and in some cases, content creation.

Applications at ( for Systems Integrators

  • 1.In addition to their current use of AV technology in the classroom and auditorium, schools are looking for paperless ways to keep students, faculty and families informed about school events, student and faculty achievements, and emergency notifications, among other uses. Digital signage meets these communications needs with both indoor and outdoor display solutions.
  • 2.In addition to the use of AV technology in the corporate boardroom for conferencing purposes, businesses of almost every size and description can use digital displays for both employee  and customer facing communications and training.
  • 3.Houses of worship, in particular larger religious institutions, are already big users of projection technology. Increasingly, they are replacing their static outdoor signage with digital signage. There is also the opportunity for the use of digital displays in classrooms and lobbies.
  • 4.Outdoor events, another traditional AV area, are also embracing the use of digital displays for a variety of purposes, such as wayfinding, ticketing and audience surveys.
  • 5.Beyond the scope of traditional AV applications for digital display technology, the door is open to its use in a wide range of local businesses, from automotive service centers to restaurants.

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