Trade website optimization eight methods
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Trade website optimization eight methods

  • Author:Thinkxing
  • Source:FlintStone
  • Release on :2015-07-14

With trade website, no ranking is very difficult to bring customers, today rows may come to tell you about how to trade website optimization, look at it together.

One: the relevant page title optimization, which is very important, the site owners will be on instance, we are all so individual settings, perhaps you will feel very ok, but the search engine has not think so, Title keyword arrangements to be fair, you have to let the search engines know your site is doing this, admin5 is a major stations is not to say, only you have this awareness: that is to make others may directly enter the URL to your access, rather than every day, coming to visit by searching for!

Two: title with description, although the role of these two places Google optimization of not very obvious, but I think there is still a need to set up, but these two places is also very easy to set, put the main crux of the words on the front, This is because the spider is caught from the top down!

Three: Home keyword placement and density is important, we start with the top of the start, each site has a home, if you do the footwear trade website, then you can set your home shoes home , doing so can stand out in your home push keywords, moreover is to make good use & lt; h1 & gt; & lt; h2 & gt; This identifier Also manufacture sitemap in xml, then you can use keyword density tools to analyze your website! keyword density, density values ​​based on analysis of the site will make your site reminder, if certified by w3c then clarify your site has achieved international recognition scale, if not they will inform you how to modify and optimize until you pass!

Four: How to optimize the chain, the chain announced that the most reasonable time when I see a lot of articles saying the page in search engines to reach 100 when the start outside the chain, if you do not reach 100 until less hair, or else make the search engines think you are corrupt, you can send pre-construction site outside the chain of about 30 a day, then have been included along with the increase could continue to increase outside the chain, must be constantly maintained, roughly three After months you will build outside the chain of the invention has been commensurate pretty good!

Five: It is extremely important exchange links on the one hand, the link can be divided heilian and white chain, of course, come to exchange links, heilian very cheap, white chain is more expensive, but the exchange over the link to normal, I suggest that you heilian not do, especially for foreign websites is even more so, then you can do a little white chain, communication over the general high not where to go, what is the same site!

Six: Submit directory, which is very key words, the directory is a bit like the Yellow Pages country, if they can get your site indexed Amazon can then can congratulate you!

Seven: Products added information not requested soon, one day be able to on a lot of information, but to pass one by one by hand, at the same time make a good product description, the more specific the better, if not the patient are not, then this site optimization will be very difficult to succeed!

Eight: that is constantly repeated the above optimization, site optimization is the wave-forward, the only constant insistence talent enough to make the victory of the big waves beat on the beach!

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